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3 Reason You Should Clean Pet Hair and Dander in Carpet Regularly

That’s not Shag Carpet…

Carpet Cleaning and Dirty Pet

Our pets are well loved, so well loved we often overlook some of the “minor” effects that their fur and dander leave behind on our carpet. Many people do not realize some of the effects that pet hair and dander can have when left sitting in your carpet for too long, nor are they aware of the unaesthetic appeal of a carpet covered in hair. Whatever the occasion, be it the purchase or sale of your home, the arrival of guests over the weekend or the need to give your carpet a refreshing appeal, you can trust ServiceMaster By Lovejoy for excellent carpet cleaningCall Us Now! (678) 619-4356. Currently servicing the Atlanta Metropolitan area, including Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington and surrounding towns and adjacent areas.

First, most pet owners are not aware of the serious allergies that pet dander can cause. It is usually the dander that causes the itchy, watery eyes that are a reaction to the amount of dander settled in the home. So take into consideration the next time a guest comes into your home and begins sneezing and uncontrollably blowing their nose, that maybe it is time to relieve those carpets of some long accumulating pet dander.

Secondly, the odor that is often smelled in the houses of pet owners can be attributed to pet dander as well. It may not be your dog that needs the bath; it may be your carpets. Dander can accumulate in the carpet and carries the odor of your pet. Going long times between carpet cleanings can leave your carpet smelling like a dog left outside on a hot summer day. No one should want to smell that.

Lastly, a nice hair free carpet is much more aesthetically appealing than a silky layer of Spot’s hair covering every square inch of the floor. If someone walks into your house and thinks you have drifted back in time to the days of shag carpet and fur rugs, than it just might be time to get those carpets cleaned up. While as pet owners, we may overlook such small things as hair on the carpet, guests might enjoy not leaving your house looking as though they are getting ready to perform in the latest Broadway production of “Cats”.

So as a pet owner, just be a little more aware that while you love your pet and everything about them, others may not enjoy the long lasting effects the hair and dander can leave behind.