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3 Reasons Why I Should Get My Ducts Cleaned

There are many reasons for a homeowner to hire a duct cleaning company to have their air ducts cleaned. However, there are three main reasons in which to have air ducts professionally serviced. When serviced on a regular basis, the air duct system of a home will continue to operate efficiently by ensuring a steady airflow throughout the home, and will help prevent excess dirt from embedding into the carpets throughout the house causing the need for carpet cleaning service.


Air quality tends to be worse indoors because of neglecting proper air duct maintenance and cleaning regimens. Over time, there is a variety of debris and other pathogens that can accumulate within the air duct system of a home. Debris such as pet hair, small items, coins, dust accumulation and other dander is all able to cluster and accumulate easily within the confines of an air duct system.

Once this occurs, the debris that is present will eventually be re-circulated into the indoor air environment. Although, it doesn’t just stop there; pathogens and other irritants found within pet hair and dust will be introduced into the indoor environment which in turn causes irritable breathing, can aggravate pre-existing conditions and in some scenarios can worsen or create respiratory issues or other illness. Aside from this, the dirt that is re-introduced into the environment can dirty the carpets, thus the need for carpet cleaning service.


As touched on above, air duct systems will benefit from an increase in efficiency from the services of a professional air duct cleaning company. Because there is an accumulation of dustdanderpet hair and other particulates, the air duct ventilation chambers and ducts will become layered in a dirt grime. However, besides the dirt grime, many times, especially in duct bends, there will typically be a fair accumulation of debris. When neglected, this extra debris in the system will force the blowers and circulating system to use more power, yet produce inefficient circulating indoor air. When the system is cleaned, all the generated power will be efficiently used to circulate air through the system properly.


Lowered costs are perhaps the best benefit for those concerned with the economical factors of an air duct system. With an increased efficiency in the air duct system, all of the energy generated will be utilized to the fullest advantage. With a proper air flow through the air system, the blower or induction components of a central air or HVAC system will operate without overpowering.

When you hire ServiceMaster by LoveJoy to clean your home’s ductwork, our  technicians will:

  • Inspect the system before cleaning; including checking to make sure no asbestos is present. (If this is the case, special equipment will be needed to remove the offending material.)

  • Lay protective covers over household furnishings and carpet to protect soft materials during the cleaning process.

  • Vacuum the interior of the ductwork and either exhaust the air outside the home or use equipment fitted with a HEPA filter.

  • Brush interior duct surfaces with a soft-bristled brush to remove dust and debris.

  • Remove animal nests and other evidence of pests.

  • Remove any damp insulation that may have caused mold.

  • Seal and insulate ductwork. Re-insulate any access doors that were necessary to open for cleaning to take place, and any damp insulation that was removed.