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3 Reasons Why I Should Have Tile and Grout Cleaning in My Home or Business

When it comes to cleaning the tile and grout in your home and business, you should always use cleaning professionals in the field. Your grout acts like a magnet for bacteria and soil, and in a short time the flooring will begin to discolor. Here are three reasons why you should have a professional tile and grout cleaning company properly scrub your flooring. Call Us Now! (678) 619-4356 ServiceMaster by Lovejoy leverages the many advances that our parent company offers to help us clean and address the typical “Hard to Clean” jobs . Currently serving Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington, surrounding towns and adjacent areas.

VCT after Restaurant in Conyers
VCT after. Restaurant in Conyers

The first reason you should have a tile and grout cleaning company clean your flooring is because they have the appropriate equipment to get the job done right the first time. The grout in between the tiles is porous, and bacteria and mold thrive in the warm flooring. Bleach actually eats away at the grout, causing the pores to get even larger, trapping more debris. The tile cleaning company will use a commercial grade cleaning compound to loosen the bacteria and contaminants and vacuum them safely out of your home.

The second reason you should hire a tile cleaning company to properly clean your tile and grout is because they utilize commercial grade vacuums that have the power to reach deep down and remove any debris that is trapped in the bottom of your grout. When you try to clean your tile and grout, you are barely cleaning the top layer of the grout. The contaminants that cause discoloring and staining are all deep down in the pores of the grout where your store bought cleaning compounds can not reach. The grout cleaning company will loosen the debris, and make sure to remove every trace in your grout.

The third and final reason to make use of a cleaning company for your flooring is that once they loosen and remove all the bacteria and debris from your floor, they have the proper tools to apply a protective sealant to the floor to keep further debris from getting back into those pores. Once the grout has been restored to its original color, the tile and grout cleaning company will apply a protectant that repels debris from making your tiles appear dirty. If you want your flooring to look new again, your best bet is to contact a professional tile cleaning company.