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Indoor air quality is a growing concern especially among homeowners. One way to maintain a healthy indoor air is to find the source of dust and dirt and other air pollutants. Your air duct is responsible for the heating and cooling of your home. However, it also acts as collection source of harmful contaminants. These include dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, pet hair and dander, and even rodent feces. These elements can also circulate around your home through your Air Duct polluting the air you breathe.

Removing the buildup of pollutants from your HVAC system will make your home a cleaner and a safer environment to live. It can make you healthier as well because of the fresh air you breathe.

Choosing a trusted company air duct cleaning service can be a little bit of a hassle. In terms of superior performance, you can only depend on ServiceMaster by Lovejoy.

Why Clean Air Ducts You May Ask?

  • Cleaner and Less Dusty Home

    When the HVAC system is turned on, the air that blows circulates throughout the room, thus, when it is filled with contaminants, the air you breathe is already contaminated. Having your ductwork cleaned is the same as cleaning the whole room in your house or business. You will have a fresher air and at the same time a cleaner house.

  • Save On Energy Bills

    Due to the buildup of pollutants in your air duct system, it takes up more energy in order to heat up or cool down the air in your home or room. By cleaning, it will run more efficiently and effectively consuming less of your energy bill.

  • Clean Air

    The air we breathe indoors is sometimes more polluted than the air outdoors. The culprit is often the dusty air ducts at home. We may be inhaling allergens and pollutants thus endangering your health. A air duct cleaning promotes a clean air and home as well.

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Customer's Feedback

  • Great job, even came back for a touch up awesome job.

  • Reliable & you all do a great job.

  • You guys do a great job!

  • You were on time, got the job done quickly and satisfactorily.

  • The technician was motivated, resourceful, and professional. He arrived on time and well-prepared. We reached a clear agreement on the work to be done, and he did exactly as agreed. The quality of his work was excellent.


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