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Why Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

Clean air is an important contributor to a healthy indoor space. Now that most people spend time inside, it’s time to seriously ponder the quality of your interior environment. One of the many factors that can influence the cleanliness of indoor air is the state of your air ducts. The experts at ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy discuss the importance of having your air ducts cleaned in this article.

What is HVAC?

How Dirty Air Ducts Can Affect Your Health

Benefits of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

Air ducts need cleaning if you experience the following:

For these instances, immediate cleaning is needed. It is best to call for a professional air duct cleaner.

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Dust, mold growth, cobwebs, pet hair, rodent hair, children’s toys, and calcium deposits are the things we can find inside the HVAC system and the reason why indoor air is contaminated. If you notice that your family suffers from allergies or any unexplained symptoms, try checking inside the air ducts.

Air duct cleaning means cleaning the air passage from the HVAC system for our house. Thorough cleaning is necessary to maintain the good quality of the air we breathe.

Air duct cleaning should be done by professionals. ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy has highly skilled technicians and high-standard equipment that can help you save your time and effort in cleaning.

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If you want to maintain good indoor air quality, air duct cleaning is highly recommended. ServiceMaster Clean Atlanta will help you clean your air ducts at home or businesses. We are servicing multiple areas in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Stockbridge, Conyers, McDonough, Stone Mountain, Covington, Social Circle, and Dekalb County, Georgia and surrounding areas. Call (678) 672-3222 now for a free estimate.

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