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Another Job Well Done!! – Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

Last week, one of our office ladies got a phone call from a very concerned customer.. She was having a football party over the weekend and her carpets were a mess! She told us there are pet stains from her dog, juice stains from her youngest child and who knows what else! Well, here at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy, stains are not a problem! Fortunately, we had an opening for our technician, Rick, to come out first thing the very next day! Mrs. Turner was so glad we were able to get her on our schedule on such short notice.

Bright and early on Thursday morning, Rick arrived at Mrs. Turner’s home. She showed him around and pointed out her biggest concerns. Rick said, with a smile, “You’ll never be able to tell that was there when I get finished!” which was a huge relief to our customer. Rick started cleaning the carpets as Mrs. Turner tended to her young man. While Rick was cleaning the carpets in the living room, he noticed a little head poking around the corner. Not only was the mini Mr. Turner adorable, he was the most curious. In no time, Rick had made a small, new friend.

As Rick wrapped up his equipment, Mrs. Turner proceeded to walk through her house amazed at Rick’s work. She couldn’t believe he was able to get up the stain from their 4th of July party! She thanked him for doing such a great job. Rick was so glad to have another satisfied customer and new little buddy. Below, there is a before and after picture of one of Mrs. Turner’s biggest concerns. Comment below and let us know what you think!