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How to Remove Furniture Impressions or Dents from Carpets

As you try to make room in your home to accommodate new furniture or decorations, you may find yourself moving and rearranging heavy pieces of furniture. The imprints or dents that furniture can leave behind on carpets are unsightly and will not completely disappear unless you take action.

Learn some tips to remove these impressions or dents from the carpet repair experts at ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy.

How to Remove Furniture Impressions or Dents from Carpets

Our technical experts at ServiceMaster Clean recommend using a clothes steamer to remove the furniture dents from a carpet. If you do not have a clothes steamer handy, you can use a kitchen towel and an iron.

Another helpful tip to remove an impression is to place an ice cube in the dent and allow it to melt. The melted ice will revive the carpet fibers. Then use a toothbrush to remove the impression by brushing it in a backward-and-forward motion. Allow the carpet to dry naturally.

How to Prevent Furniture Dents on Carpets

Slight adjustments

Frequent vacuuming

Utilizing coasters

How Often Do I Need to Get My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

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