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Cleaning Maintenance for Slate Tile

Slate tile consists of unique texture and colors. Slate is made out of natural stone. It comes in variations such as natural cleft, honed, polished, solid colored and multi colored. It is one of the best options for flooring because it is tough against scratches and chemicals. Slate is often the best option used to install in interior and exterior surfaces in establishments, home’s floors, kitchen, bathroom and walls. It requires care and maintenance to avoid stains, damage and to preserve its finest features to last for decades.

Slate Flooring

The cleaning approach depends on the variation of tile. Basic cleaning must be done to keep it clean as always. In the first few months after the installation, you must sweep the floor daily because there are small pieces may flake off the surface. The spalling will stop on its own, once the slate tile is settled.

Basic cleaning care of slate tile:

An extra effort in cleaning your tiles will pay off for many years of service. It is very important to observe proper maintenance and protection for your slate tile. A professional cleaning touch in your tile will greatly improve the quality of your floor. ServiceMaster Clean by Lovejoy delivers excellent slate tile floor cleaning services in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas. You can find our other floor cleaning tips at To schedule an appointment and to request a free quote, call us today at 678-672-3222! Our hotline is available 24/7 to promptly address your emergency cleaning needs.