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Hard-Surface Floors (Urethane) Cleaning FAQs

Over time, floors can look dirty and dull, which could influence the overall look and feel of your home or business. Floor coatings help protect your floors from scratches, stains, and wear and tear, and different kinds of floor coatings exist in the market suited for each specific need.

Urethane coating is an abrasion-resistant, highly flexible type of floor coating. We at ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy have compiled some of the most common questions regarding urethane coating application. Read them below.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) on Hard-Surface Floors

If necessary, urethane is strippable, but if it reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be abraded and recoated without having to strip it. 

The gloss of the  urethane finish may be diminished by buffing, so it should never be done.

Coated surfaces can be slippery when wet. Choose a product with acceptable slip resistance as per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The average lifespan of urethane finish is two years, but this is dependent on the cleaning practices performed, amount of use, and amount of traffic.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents are common sources of harmful fumes. Urethane finish does not contain these compounds; instead, it has a clean and very light scent, which is almost unnoticeable.

Urethane finish is more expensive than an acrylic finish in terms of cost of product per square foot. However, urethane does not need a lot of regular maintenance which means fewer disruptions in the facility, so customers will see a return on the initial investment.

It may. Abrasion, scratching, and wear are not covered by most factory warranties, so your best choice is to protect your floor when it experiences these. Applying a thin coat of urethane can help you achieve a factory-type finish. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty.   

Damage on urethane finish is easy to repair. Contact ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy professionals to repair the damaged area.

Urethane finish may be damaged by broken, poorly repaired, or improperly fitted furniture. Make sure to apply proper floor protectors and inspect all furniture before installing urethane. 

With a crew of two people, the application of the urethane coating can be accomplished at a rate of 750 square feet per hour. Preparation is dependent upon a lot of factors, such as the existing floor’s condition, the current number of coats, and the required repairs.

Urethane application will require the stripping of existing coatings before application, in addition to drying time. This can be performed after hours and will only require regular cleaning for maintenance. 

urethane finish is resistant to UV light and will not yellow.

It is recommended to use a neutral cleansing agent to clean floors with urethane finish. Your cleaning company can give advice for a more suitable product to use. 

Use only damp mopping on urethane floors regularly, or you may utilize an auto scrubber with a white pad, red pad or a soft brush. Do not risk a loss of gloss by dry buffing or dry scrubbing your floor.  

The fastest dry time takes about four hours, but wait for eight hours before walking on the floor.

For preparing the floor, a wet screening or conditioning pad will be used, thereby reducing dust.

Urethane makes your floors shiny and clean-looking while protecting it from scratching, traffic wear patterns, chemicals and stains, giving it a longer lifespan. You’ll get more cost savings with urethane floors compared to traditional acrylic floors.

Perform damp mopping on a daily basis or the use of an auto scrubber with a white or red pad or a soft brush. Utilize a properly diluted neutral cleansing agent and warm water for mopping. 

Remove breakables situated on the tops of furniture in the areas to be cleaned. Pick up all items scattered and placed on the floor and vacuum or dust mop all debris before the cleaning. Consult your technician for items that are too large to move, such as the furniture, before the appointed cleaning date.

Allow at least eight hours before you walk on your floors. Protect floors from getting wet for 24 hours after urethane application. Furniture (use felt pads) and rugs may be returned after 24 hours. 

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