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House Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year in Atlanta, GA

As the pandemic continues, people spend most of their time staying or working at home. This setup can be relatively new, but there are ways to prepare the home to make it more livable and accommodating to its occupants. If last year’s clutter is still stored somewhere or is all over the place, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get some cleaning done.

It’s time to build your cleaning habits and create resolutions to make it easier and more enjoyable. If you have been continuously putting off your cleaning for weeks now, ServiceMaster Clean by LoveJoy of Atlanta has prepared some simple resolutions that you can commit to, keeping your home tidy all year round.

Simple and Easy House Cleaning Resolutions

1. Declutter

Removing the things you no longer need can be a great way to start the year. Decluttering is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your home's overall appearance, reduce stress and anxiety, and remove allergens to prevent health risks and improve indoor air quality. When decluttering, however, it is important to be systematic to make the cleaning more manageable. Cleaning by room is recommended. Also, do not just throw everything out; find items you can donate and keep them in a box.

2. Create a cleaning routine

It's easy to procrastinate cleaning since there are other things to do, so it's helpful to make a plan that you can easily follow. However, if the cleaning becomes overwhelming, you can always ask a professional cleaning service provider to do the job for you while you work on your other priorities.

3. Schedule maintenance

Over time, building materials, furniture, appliances, and other items undergo wear and tear and may stop functioning properly. Regular maintenance will extend their lifespan as well as prevent larger problems from occurring later on.

4. Consider having indoor plants

Plants have been proven to be great stress relievers and mood enhancers, so adding some indoor plants to your interior decoration is a great move. Florals are also aesthetically pleasing and can improve the appearance and ambiance of any room.

5. Put everything in its own place

Do not let new purchases and items take up space in your living room or entryways. Give every item a permanent home and don't just put it in a storage bin or closet.

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