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Restore the Gleam of Your Vinyl Composition Tile – VCT Flooring

VCT Floor Cleaning

There are various types of flooring installed in homes or business establishments, it depends on the preference of the owner. The flooring options are hardwood flooring, slate flooring, VCT flooring, tiles and others. The cleaning approach in every type of flooring is contingent to the kind of material.

VCT means Vinyl Composition Tile. VCT flooring is a flooring material, mostly used in institutionscommercial establishment as well as in residential. It is made out of the colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC) created from sheets and differs in thickness. Manufacturers innovated and created vinyl tiles in various patterns like wood, stone, terrazzo and others. If some part of the VCT flooring is damage, it can be easily removed and replaced.

It is easy and manageable in terms of cleaning maintenance. Regular cleaning of your floor is a way to preserve the quality of the flooring material. Sweep the floor using a broom or vacuum to get or remove the visible dirt. If the dirt sticks on the vinyl flooring do not scratch the floor. For Do-It-Yourself cleaning, you can use over the counter commercial floor cleaner solution. Just follow the instruction indicated in the container of the commercial product for correct proportion of mixture. Mop the floor with the cleaning solution, until you cover the entire flooring area. Use the mop’s scrubber to remove the sticky dirt and excess adhesive. Rinse the cleaning solution with a clean mop and water. Afterwards, let the floor dry.

Vinyl flooring requires a professional cleaner to bring back the shine of the surface. If you are situated in Georgia, trust only ServiceMaster Clean by Lovejoy for any residential and commercial floor cleaning needs. Call us now at 678-672-3222, for any questions. Our technician will use a high speed rotary machine to strip off the old finish. Also, every edge and corner of the room is carefully done by hand. The premium finish takes 2 to 3 coats for genuine result. We are serving near Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Stockbridge, Conyers, McDonough, Stone Mountain, Covington, Social Circle, DeKalb and surrounding areas. We offer free estimates. Go over this link,, for other flooring cleaning services available.