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Stone Mountain is part of DeKalb County in Georgia. It has only 6,025 population as of 2014 data.

Georgia’s no. 1 tourist attraction, Stone Mountain Park, can be found in the city. With it’s over 3,200 acres of pristine woodlands and attractions which are perfect for families, it became the most famous destination for tourists. You can also visit the Stone Mountain Village to revisit history and experience 1915 caboose and Yellow River Park to refresh yourself. If you fancy golf, the city has Stone Mountain Golf Course and Southland Country Club.

If you are living in Stone Mountain, air ducts are necessary. Because the city experienced more warm months than cool months, air ducts keep your home cool even when the sun is blazing. However, in keeping your home cool or warm, you might be risking your indoor air quality.

Pollutants such as dirt, dust, dander, bacteria, and molds may be hiding in your air ducts. They can also hide in your carpet, flooring, and upholsteries. These pollutants may circulate throughout your home through the ducts. For these problems, only a professional cleaning company can bring the solution.

ServiceMaster Clean by Lovejoy near Stone Mountain is one of the most reliable service company when it comes to house-wide cleaning. For over 25 years, we have been serving areas near Stone Mountain, McDonough, Conyers, Stockbridge, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Covington, Social Circle, and DeKalb County.

We are the solution for carpet cleaning and repair, air duct cleaning, floor cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Call us at 678-293-0297 for a fresher and cleaner home and business. We use only the latest technology and environment-friendly and effective cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning

A carpet needs more than just a regular vacuuming to make it last. With our professional carpet cleaning, which should be done every 3 or 6 months, we can make every carpet durable and fresh as new.

Air Duct Cleaning

The gradual increase in your energy bill may be due to the buildup in your air duct. Dust, dirt, bacteria, and molds growing inside cause it to consume more energy. To lower your energy bills, and bring back your air duct’s efficiency, avail our air duct cleaning service.

Floor Cleaning

When water damage involves your floor, trust ServiceMaster Clean by Lovejoy near Stone Mountain to restore it back for you. Part of our floor cleaning service are wood flooring, tile and grout cleaning, and VCT flooring cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The pores in tile and grout may be hiding mold, mildew, and debris which the over-the-counter cleaners may be unable to remove. On the other hand, we have an effective tile and grout cleaning service which can address this issue.

Upholstery Cleaning

We are always striving to give our clients an optimum result which they greatly deserve. For upholstery cleaning, we always make sure to examine first the fabric material before we make a move. This is to assure that the cleaning solution is appropriate for the fabric.

Carpet Repair

The practicality of carpet repair is nothing compared to an expensive carpet replacement. Bumps, waves, split seams and burnt or melted area are still repairable. Let us repair it for you to so you can avoid high replacement costs.

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