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Why Is It Important To Have My Carpets Stretched?

There are various reasons for the importance of hiring a carpet repair company for professionally stretching a homeowner’s carpets. However, the main reason is that the professional carpet stretchers the company utilizes will thoroughly stretch the carpets while retaining their strength and durability. This is important because over time, carpets become stretched out, become loose and form wrinkles due to natural traffic. At ServiceMaster of Decatur, our technicians have the experience to handle Hotels, CondosApartment and Homes large or small. Call Us Now! (678) 619-4356 Currently servicing the Henry County, Lovejoy, McDonough, Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Eagles Landing and surrounding cities.

When carpet stretchers are used, the carpet is pulled in multiple directions to smooth out wrinkles and reduce loose areas in the carpeting. The tools that are used to stretch a carpet are completely safe to use and the carpet repair company technicians performing the job are knowledgeable in the proper process. Once the stretcher tool has been applied to the carpet, gentle stretching force will be applied to straighten the carpeting mat and carpeting fibers out. This process will help return the carpet to it’s original elasticity and durability.

Because the carpet stretching process is more than just using a simple knee-knicker carpet tightening tool, special attention needs to be paid to the process. Professional carpet crews are trained to examine the trouble issues in the carpeting and take appropriate action. Commonly, the edge of the troubled areas in the carpet where it touches the wall will be taken up carefully and reapplied. When a carpet technician performs this process, they’ll use a special wedge tool to gently pry the carpet tack strip up off the floor board after they’ve gently pulled the carpet up.

Afterwards, the technicians will commonly replace the tack strips with new ones in a location a 1/4 an inch to a 1/2 an inch away from the old location. However, before the carpets are reset into the new location, the carpet technician will utilize a carpet stretcher tool to carefully stretch the carpet in small increments until they’ve reached the end of the carpet; once they’ve reached the end of the carpet, they’ll then press the carpet back down onto the new tack strip.

After this step is done, some carpets require the use of a carpet stretcher tool to be left in position over the carpet through the night until the next day. This extra time will ensure that the carpets have been thoroughly stretched to relieve or reduce wrinkles and loose spots in the carpet. After the carpet is secured back down into the tack strips, any excess carpet edges may be trimmed by the carpet technician to complete the job.