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Why It Is Important to Clean Your Air Duct?

The modern technology invents different appliances and equipment such as air condition unit, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and a lot more. It brings comfort to most homeowners and commercial establishments. Out from these comforts you got from these equipment, you have an obligation to take care them by observing proper usage and as well cleaning it for long-lasting function. Unlike before that you need to do every single task manually with your bear hands and it will take more time. Now, you can do multitasking by just turning on the power of the appliance. Then select your desired choice and that’s it, you can set it aside to attend other task. Value the importance of these appliances in our lives because these are our partners to make our life and chores fast, easy and convenient for us.

What is an air duct? Air duct is a pipe that passages air all over the house or commercial offices, from one room to another. It is a centralized distribution of HVAC system in a closed building structure. Heatingventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is equipment that generates the heating and cooling of homes, establishments and industrial buildings. Nowadays, it caught the attention of homeowners and businesses the alarming concern of indoor air. Air duct collects the dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, pet hair and rodents’ faeces. It makes the air release from the air duct becomes polluted. It will greatly affect the health of everyone if not address appropriately. This is the reason why the indoor air is more harmful than the outdoor air. It is recommended that it must be cleaned every two to five years. But, how will you know it is time to clean your air duct? First, if you have seen rodents and other insects going in and out from the air duct. Second, if there are noticeable dusts past out together with the air from the vent. Finally, if you have seen black debris and presume that there is mold build up inside the air ducts.

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