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Wood Flooring: Keeping It Shine and Clean

The floor catches all the dirt as we regularly walk on it when we move around the place inside our house or office while doing stuff. There are different types of flooring, such as laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, stone flooring, tile flooring and carpet flooring. The cleaning technique differs for every type of floor. Let us focus on the proper way and tips on cleaning the hardwood flooring. It is ironic that we are longing to find a solution on how to retain the dazzling shine and protection for the hardwood floor, but still the dirt keeps coming back because we use it always.

Before you start cleaning the floor, first you need to set aside the lightweight furniture which is movable. Prepare the following needed cleaning materials: vacuum, mop, pail of water, dishwashing soap and dry cloth. Second, sweep the floor, do the pattern from the outside going in, so you will not miss any spots. To easily pick up the collection of dirt on the floor, move all the dirt towards the center of the room. Get a dustpan with rubber edge to properly pick the dirt. Third, vacuum or dry mop the floor, to remove the existing dirt and small piece of remains. Fourth, in a pail of water, add dishwashing liquid. Deepen the mop in the pail mixture and squeeze the excess water. Mop the hardwood floor back and forth going in one direction to cover all the areas. Lastly, polish it using a clean soft cloth. For a more glowing result, you may buff it with wood-floor-cleaner product.

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